Intensive Training Program


Our mission

ITP provides the education aspiring dancers need to explore the variety of genres in commercial dance. Our classes, seminars, and mentorship help dancers realize their future in this industry.

Directed by Moe Brody, ITP consists of 25 hours per week in company training and classes from Harbour’s extensive schedule.

After graduating from high school, dance training becomes your own responsibility. ITP structures your post-secondary training and introduces new genres of commercial dance that compliment your pre-existing studio training. In a supportive, non-competitive environment, our teachers help students encourage new artistic and creative talents that may create a refreshing new perspective on dance.

What makes ITP unique is the recognition of the need for mentorship and relationships within the industry. ITP is more than dance. It is about growing into an independent young adult who is confident and capable. You will learn what dance means to you and how it plays a role in your future.

Our Program Includes

  • 20 hours of dance related studies per week
  • Weekly meetings with directors and fellow participants
  • Supportive, non-competitive environment
  • Classes with HDC Faculty and Guest Instructors
  • Informative Seminars
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Training with Phoenix Gymnastics
  • Performance and Choreography opportunities
  • Professional Photo Shoots
  • Introduction to Acting
  • *Vocal & Acting training dependent on COVID-19 status


  • Mental Skills Training
  • Film/TV Set work
  • US Visa Qualification
  • Cruise Ship Auditioning
  • Nutrition Counselling
  • Talent Agencies
  • Casting Directors
  • Injury Prevention
  • Auditioning Techniques
  • Choreographer History
  • Dance Photography
  • Demo Reel / Video Editing

  • Resumes
  • Solo Choreography
  • Concept Videos
  • Financial Planning
  • History of Dance Genres
  • Goal Setting
  • Guest Speakers currently working in the industry (contemporary companies, touring artists, Cirque du Soleil, Broadway shows, etc)

For more information contact:

Next program term Auditions

September 2021 - June 2022

  • See below

What to bring at auditions

A current headshot or photo, an updated training and performance resume, contemporary jazz and hip hop attire, and a printed filled out application form.

Application Form

How to apply

Due to Covid-19, we are going about the audition process a little differently this year. Please send an email to with the subject line: Audition. Once we have received your request, you will be invited to the 2 private audition videos. You will have 48 hours from the time sent to learn the technical exercises and choreography, record and submit to Please make sure you have a suitable place to record yourself before sending in a video audition request. Included in your video should be some genres of your choice to show us how you like to move. Don’t be shy! Send us some hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre, ballet…anything to show us who you are and why you are suitable for ITP.

Audition Submission Check List

  • Ballet exercises
  • Contemporary Jazz choreography
  • Your style of choice, we encourage variety (1 min time limit per video)
  • A current picture or headshot
  • Application
  • Resume

Videos should be shot horizontally and be in a downloadable file under 500mb each.


  • June 1st submission due date (Early placement)
  • July 15th submission due date (Late placement)

If you are accepted into the program, you will be notified within 2 weeks of the deadline. You will have 2 weeks to accept your position in the program. We are unsure of the capacity of the program as we will have to wait for orders from our Provincial Medical Health Officer. Our current capacity is 18 students. We will have a waitlist in the occurrence that our capacity may be increased.

Video’s will be assessed in the order they are received.


"Unity in Uncertainty" perfectly describes ITP's experience this past year. Having the studio open and close many, MANY times, is enough for any artist to question their commitment to dance. This kept them physically and mentally challenged and allowed them to forge deeper bonds and to work closer together. With no live performances available, they chose to tell a story through video to reveal their training, dedication and new friendships.

HDC On Demand

weekly schedule


Training schedule

In addition to the company classes, each student must take 5 classes from our HDC schedule. These classes may be chosen by the student or with the guidance of the director to help build a schedule beneficial for their training. Note: 5 classes does not equal 5 hours as home classes are 1.5 hours.

It is important in today’s environment to be accomplished in many styles. More and more Broadway and tour style shows are hiring dancers trained in street styles, technical dance and circus. More diverse training equals more work options!

Weekly Company Classes

Ballet, Contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop fundamentals, Advanced Choreography (previously Hip Hop), Improv, and Jazz Technique.

Performances (COVID-19 dependent)

ITP works towards their year-end show at The Norman Rothstein Theatre in June, as well as a spring preview show in March, “Under One Roof” where they showcase pieces choreographed by HDC faculty and guest teachers.

Harbour Dance Centre receives many opportunities to perform in the city. Choreography pieces are set on the students from our faculty, which we use for these events. At these performances, ITP is a representative of HDC for volunteer or paid events.

In the past, ITP has performed at WE Day, Vancouver International Dance Festival, Vancouver Fashion Week, Brilliant!, Holt Renfrew Fashion Shows, International Salsa Festival, Chinese Cultural Event, The Spring Show at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Urban Alchemy, Vancity Project, Building Dreams, International Tap Day, The Lamondance Company, Winter Wonderland, Shine, A Night of Stars, Mingle of the Jingles, Gala For Gold, Children’s Hospital Gala, Shaw TV, Make-a-wish Foundation, Port of Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Sun Run, Artists Emerge, YVR Halloween and many more industrials.

Guest Teachers

Heels, Acro Contemporary, Yoga, Musical Theatre, Popping, Dancehall, Waacking, and Physical Conditioning.


Previous Choreographers have included: Liz Tookey, Julie Tomaino, Joanne Pesusich, Carlo Atienza, Keiran Bohay, Joe Tuliao, Val Ho, Ben Ritter, Amber Funk-Barton, Heather Laura Gray, Heather Dotto, Christina Woodard, Moe Brody, Jim Hibbard, Sarah Brinson, Kelsey Chase, Julio Fuentes, Toni Shenfield, Greer Whillans, Sarah Dolan, Tessa Tamura, Chanel Lacasse and Chris Bonus.

Out of city applicants

You are responsible for your own accommodation if you are moving to Vancouver. As there are many students who come from out of town, we find that many of them will search for apartments together to save on cost. After acceptance into the program, a private Facebook group helps the dancers find fellow potential roommates.

University and ITP

Many students ask if it is possible to participate in ITP and go to University at the same time - it is possible. Please ensure that your school schedule works with the ITP company classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday plus drop-in classes. Many students have completed both; time management must be at its best.

Eligibility and how to apply

Students must be at least 17 years of age or graduated high school. Skill level must be at an intermediate/advanced level in contemporary-jazz and ballet.

Acceptance into the program is by audition only. See above for audition details.