Intensive Training Program


Our mission

ITP provides the education aspiring dancers need to explore the variety of genres in commercial dance. Our classes, seminars, and mentorship help dancers realize their future in this industry.

Directed by Moe Brody, ITP consists of a minimum of 20 hours per week in company training and classes from Harbour’s extensive schedule.

About ITP

After graduating from high school, dance training becomes your own responsibility. ITP structures your post-secondary training and introduces new genres of commercial dance that complement your pre-existing studio training. In a supportive, non-competitive environment, our teachers encourage and support students to explore new artistry and untapped creative talents which often creates a refreshing and deeper perspective on dance.

Our Program Includes

  • 20 hours of dance-related studies per week

  • Weekly meetings with directors and fellow participants

  • Supportive, non-competitive environment

  • Classes with HDC Faculty and Guest Instructors

  • Informative Seminars with industry experts (see below)

  • Vocal Coaching

  • Performance and Choreography opportunities

  • Professional Photo Shoots

  • Introduction to Acting


  • Mental Skills Training

  • Film/TV Set work

  • US Visa Qualification

  • Cruise Ship Auditioning

  • Nutrition Counselling

  • Talent Agencies

  • Casting Directors

  • Injury Prevention

  • Auditioning Techniques

  • Choreographer History

  • Dance Photography

  • Demo Reel / Video Editing

  • Resumes

  • Solo Choreography

  • Concept Videos

  • Financial Planning

  • History of Dance Genres

  • Goal Setting

  • Guest Speakers currently working in the industry (contemporary companies, touring artists, Cirque du Soleil, Broadway shows, etc)

Seminar guests

Sandi Croft

Sandi Croft

Cirque de Soleil Artistic Director

Amy de Bree

Amy de Bree


Charmaine Baquiran

Charmaine Baquiran

Dancing on tour with Beyonce & Taylor Swift

Megan Lawson

Megan Lawson

Ed Sheeren, Olivia Rodrigo, Madonna Choreographer & Director

Chris Babcock

Chris Babcock

Casting Director for Holland America & Step One Dance Company

Kevin Mylrea

Kevin Mylrea

Booking Cirque de Soleil & Shania Twain Las Vegas

da Costa Talent Agency

da Costa Talent Agency

How to audition and work with a talent agency

Christie Lee Manning

Christie Lee Manning

London dance life

Cara Lee

Cara Lee

Cruise ships & Moulin Rouge (Paris) advisor

Shay Kuebler

Shay Kuebler

Radical Systems Art

Rob Gilbert

Rob Gilbert


Lisa Stevens

Lisa Stevens

New York Musical Theatre

How are we different?

ITP is one of the only Vancouver training programs that incorporate mentorship, consistent industry seminars, assigned projects, and independent homework into a pre-professional training curriculum. From the classroom to the stage to the screen, the program offers comprehensive education and experiences to help bridge the gap from competition studios to the professional commercial industry. With mentorship and access to working industry professionals, ITP dancers are offered guidance and applicable insights as they navigate their next steps.

The Director and Faculty also recognize how big the life transition is into young adulthood. For the first time, many ITP dancers are learning to navigate a new city, new living arrangements, new social groups, and new life skills. ITP is more than just dance. It is about growing into an independent young adult who is confident and capable. You will learn what dance means to you and how it plays a role in your future.


Moe Brody.jpeg

Moe Brody


Director of ITP and co-owner of Harbour Dance, Moe Brody is an integral part of the Vancouver dance community. Moe knows firsthand the hustle and grit required of young dancers to build a career in the entertainment industry. After taking a hiatus from training and focusing on her degree in Human Kinetics, Moe found herself back in the dance industry as a dancer for the NBA Grizzlies. Through consistency, curiosity, and an unmatched level of professionalism, Moe is now one of the most recommended Canadian choreographers for film and television. Working with companies like Netflix Apple TV, Paramount, Warner Bros, CBS, and Fox on shows like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Maid, Virgin River and The Man in the High Castle, Moe’s dance industry expertise in deep and diverse.

Why does this matter for ITP? Dancers considering a commercial career often find themselves lost in an ocean of uncertainty without industry education, resources, or mentorship. After years of working in all aspects of the entertainment industry, Moe offers invaluable mentorship, wisdom, and support to the next generation of professional dancers.

Chanel Lacasse & Greer Whillans

Chanel Lacasse & Greer Whillans


Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics

Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics

Stewart Iguidez

Stewart Iguidez

Improv / Freestyle

Sarah Brewer-Clowes

Sarah Brewer-Clowes

Injury Prevention and Ballet

Carlo Atienza

Carlo Atienza

Choreography Mentor

Lauren Ritchie

Lauren Ritchie

Mental Skills and Mindset

Maxime Beauchamp

Maxime Beauchamp

Video/film Instructor

Liz Tookey

Liz Tookey

Sugarfoot Therapy & Movement




What is the training schedule?

In addition to the company classes, each student must take 5 classes from our HDC schedule. These classes may be chosen by the student or with the guidance of the director to help build a schedule beneficial for their training. Note: 5 classes does not equal 5 hours as some classes are 1.5 hours. It is important in today’s environment to be accomplished in many styles. More and more Broadway and tour style shows are hiring dancers trained in street styles, technical dance and circus. More diverse training equals more work options!

What are the weekly company classes?

Ballet, Contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop fundamentals, Advanced Choreography (previously Hip Hop), Improv, and Jazz Technique.

What are the performing opportunities?

ITP works towards their year-end show at The Orpheum Annex in June, as well as a spring preview show in March, “Under One Roof” where they showcase pieces choreographed by HDC faculty and guest teachers. Harbour Dance Centre receives many opportunities to perform in the city. Choreography pieces are set on the students from our faculty, which we use for these events. At these performances, ITP is a representative of HDC for volunteer or paid events. In the past, ITP has performed at WE Day, Vancouver International Dance Festival, Vancouver Fashion Week, Brilliant!, Holt Renfrew Fashion Shows, International Salsa Festival, Chinese Cultural Event, The Spring Show at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Urban Alchemy, Vancity Project, Building Dreams, International Tap Day, The Lamondance Company, Winter Wonderland, Shine, A Night of Stars, Mingle of the Jingles, Gala For Gold, Children’s Hospital Gala, Shaw TV, Make-a-wish Foundation, Port of Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Sun Run, Artists Emerge, YVR Halloween and many more industrials. (COVID-19 pending)

Can I do University and ITP?

Many students ask if it is possible to participate in ITP and go to University at the same time - it is possible. Please ensure that your school schedule works with the ITP company classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday plus drop-in classes. Many students have completed both; time management must be at its best.

I don't live in Vancouver. What are the accommodation options?

You are responsible for your own accommodation if you are moving to Vancouver. As there are many students who come from out of town, we find that many of them will search for apartments together to save on cost. After acceptance into the program, a private Facebook group helps the dancers find fellow potential roommates.

How do I apply?

Students must be at least 17 years of age or graduated high school. Skill level must be at an intermediate/advanced level in contemporary-jazz and ballet. Acceptance into the program is by audition only. See Audition dates below.

What disciplines will I train in?

Heels, Acro Contemporary, Yoga, Musical Theatre, Popping, Dancehall, Waacking, and Physical Conditioning.

Who has choreographed on ITP in previous years?

Previous Choreographers have included: Liz Tookey, Julie Tomaino, Joanne Pesusich, Carlo Atienza, Keiran Bohay, Joe Tuliao, Val Ho, Ben Ritter, Amber Funk-Barton, Heather Laura Gray, Heather Dotto, Christina Woodard, Moe Brody, Jim Hibbard, Sarah Brinson, Kelsey Chase, Julio Fuentes, Toni Shenfield, Greer Whillans, Sarah Dolan, Tessa Tamura, Chanel Lacasse and Chris Bonus.



Billy Mustapha (2016)

  • Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist- Recurring/Skeleton Crew
  • Disney's Descendants 3- Dancer/Skeleton Crew
  • Pepsi "You're The One I Want" Feat. Doja Cat
  • Tate McRae "Too Young To Be Sad" Virtual Concert- Dancer
  • Apple "The Stuntman"- Assistant Choreographer
  • Disney's Stargirl 2- Assistant Choreographer

My biggest take away from ITP has to be the connections I made from being immersed in the dance community. I maintain strong relationships with mentors, choreographers, teachers and friends I met through ITP and I know they will be in my life for a long time.


Milaina Chanel (2018)

  • The Next Step role of Zara,
  • Disney's Descendants 3,
  • Nikelodeon's Monster High,
  • Riverdale,
  • Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

My biggest takeaway from ITP was learning the importance of diversity within a community as well as yourself. The importance of connections and team work. You will get a job by yourself but you will never do a job by yourself. I took out of ITP gaining and putting my roots in a community. I also got reminded of the results you get are a direct relation to the work you put in. And most importantly how important it is to find your people.

Content Title

Kenya Jordan (2019)

  • The J Team
  • Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas
  • Riverdale
  • Descendants 3

ITP has taught me a lot in dance but also in life, and was the most fun (half) year of my life. One of the most useful and amazing lessons I learned is how to fall in love with training. Before ITP I really only loved performing and dancing with my friends but during ITP I started to find the joys within taking class and pushing myself to train. It taught me that if I want to make it as a dancer I need to start being comfortable with being uncomfortable, and that has been my motto ever since. I live by that motto by taking class from as many teachers as I can, learning styles that scare me or I struggle with, and learning from teachers that teach classes that intimidate me or push me out of my comfort zone. Every teacher has their own style, their own way of teaching, and learning from as many as I could helped me find who I am as a dancer and taught me to find my own style. I would say that has definitely been the biggest takeaway and helpful lesson I learned from ITP.


Cole Neumeier (2017)

  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Chorus Performer, Dancer, Skeleton Crew)
  • Julie and the Phantoms
  • Descendants 3
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

My biggest takeaway from ITP would have to be consistency. Back when I took ITP at Harbour, I was forced to take class consistently and always hold myself to a certain standard. As the years have gone by, I’ve definitely noticed how much harder it is to stay consistent with training when you aren’t engaged in a program dedicated to it! ITP has engrained this in my values now, and I’m always thankful I was given the push ITP gave me.


Randa Barret (2009)

  • Nickelodeon
  • CW
  • Netflix
  • Royal Caribbean
  • NBC

ITP is where it all began for me in Vancouver. It got me in the door, in front of the right people and started getting me ready for the professional world. My teachers believed in me and could see the hard work I was putting in - their support helped push me. ITP reconfirmed that I was in the right place in time and that dance is where I wanted to continue going. 12 years later and I am still proud to say that I was a part of ITP.


Cassie Douglas (2012)

  • Choreographed "Unleash Your Aura" promo for Brentwood Mall
  • Performed Contortion at Terminal City Club for Dynamic Aerial & Acrobatics
  • Dancer in "Someone To Keep You Warm" by Alexandria Maillot music video

My biggest take away from ITP was how it jump started my process of identifying my strengths as an artist. It helped me streamline my interests and redefined what it means to work hard.



Dancing for camera is different than dancing on a stage. Throughout the year, ITP is able to work closely on projects with knowledgable videographers to acquire the skills to be a smart dancer on camera and gain a better understanding of what goes behind creating a film or concept video.

Cirque Workshop

Artistic Director from Cirque Du Soleil, Sandi Croft in a private workshop with the ITP dancers. They experienced first-hand what it is like to create for a Cirque show and the unique, artistic process of the company.

Rich Man's Früg

Along with dance training, included in the ITP syllabus is studying the History of Dance. Knowing the origins of various styles is a vital aspect of dance education and in this video the dancers explored Bob Fosse. ITP choreographer, Julio Fuentes, presents his interpretation of the Rich Man’s Früg - layering his own musical sensibility and humour while being respectful of the original vocabulary.


Part of ITP's "Uncertainty" 2022 Choreographed by Carlo Atienza


Part of ITP's "Uncertainty" 2022 Choreographed by Julio Fuentes

2024 Auditions

In-person auditions for Harbour Dance Centre's 2024/25 ITP semester have concluded. If you missed our auditions but still would like to be considered for the program, please apply through our online-video submission.

How to submit for our online-video submission

Please email requesting your interest in submitting. We will then send you a private link to a page with a ballet and contemporary jazz video to learn, record, and submit. You will have 48-hours to submit your recorded video(s) and to fill out an application form linked in the private page. We encourage you to submit additional videos such as improv, street styles, technique and more so we really get to know who you are.

Please note: An email from Youtube will be sent to you automatically with permission to access the videos. Please sign into your Google/YouTube account for access.

If you have any questions regarding the application or audition process, please email Moe Brody at

Virtual Open House

Missed our Virtual Open House? No problem! From taking the big leap after high school to commercial dance to ITP, we cover it all. Send us an email to and we will send you the recording.

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