Guest Teachers

We regularly update this page with our guest teachers at Harbour Dance Centre. For questions feel free to e-mail us at:


Katharina Nakui - Ballet 2

Friday July 30 & August 6 at 11am

Katherina Nakui was born in Canada. She studied and graduated from the post graduate program of Arts Umbrella under the direction of Artemis Gordon. Since then she moved to Europe at the age of 18 and has worked for companies including Noord Nederlands Dans with Stephen Shropshire, in Germany with Theater Osnabrueck with Mauro Di Candia, National Theater Mannheim with Kevin O' Day, in Italy with Walter Matteini and most recently with Theater Wuerzburg with Dominique Dumais. These experiences have given her the chance to work with many different choreographers and has performed on tour to countries such as Israel and festivals in China and Russia as part of her journey.

Throughout her time she taught company ballet classes, Yoga classes with Theater Osnabrueck and Theater Wurzburg, set work from Dominique Dumais for the piece "Naked" (2020) and taught for the "Jugendclubs Tanz" (youth dance club) in Theater Osnabrueck. Her next move will be working in Austria for Landestheater Linz and she is excited to be teaching here in her hometown.

chrid locko.jpg

Chris Locko - Krumping

Friday July 30 at 7:30pm

From Paris, France


Ralph Escamillan - Vogue Femme Fundamentals

  • Saturday July 31 at 10:45-11:45am
  • Registration opens 3 days before class.
  • All proceeds go to
  • Ralph started training officially in Vogue and Ballroom culture in 2015 after a private with Icon Leiomy Maldonado. Since then he has continued training by making annual trips to the birthplace of ballroom (NYC), and supplemented his training in Vancouver with the creation of non-profit Van Vogue Jam. He continues to share his knowledge around the country helping grow the new Ballroom scenes in Western Canada and is the Founder/Mother of the Kiki House of Gvasalia.

His inclusive teaching style helps the novice dancer learn 5 Vogue-Femme fundamentals: Hands, Catwalk, Duckwalk, Spin/Dips, Floor.