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Honey Audition

  • July 7th - 4:00pm @ HDC
  • Honey is a training program that specializes in commercial-style dance like Sexy Street Jazz, Hip Hop, and Heels. The program launched in the Fall of 2017 under the direction of Lauren Maynard (Artistic Director), Mary Gavilan (Artistic Director) and Pamela Rosa.

ITP Audition

  • July 13th - 3:00pm @HDC
  • ITP provides the education aspiring dancers need to explore the variety of genres in commercial dance. Our classes, seminars, and mentorship help dancers realize their future in this industry. Directed by Moe Brody, ITP consists of 25 hours per week in company training and classes from Harbour’s extensive schedule.

KTL Co. Audition

  • July 20th - 3:00pm @ HDC (2:30 sign-in)
  • KTL is a Vancouver urban dance company founded by Ken Yung and Shauna Smith. The company offers intensive, mentorship training that focuses on giving individual dancers recognition in the dance industry and helping them to achieve their goals.