Sarah Brewer Clowes


Sarah Brewer Clowes is a master teacher with a career spanning the continent as well as a time period of over 38 years. She is also a dancer, choreographer, adjudicator and personal movement expert. Sarah is a proud mother, a podcaster and workshop creator/leader on the importance of Injury Prevention through Health Maintenance and Anatomical Basics.

Sarah’s performing career began at the Munich Ballet in Germany over 30 years ago and included dancing with the Northwest Florida Ballet, Banff Festival Ballet and the Vancouver Opera. Her independent performing career encompasses most of her professional life and allowed her the privilege of working with such luminaries as Crystal Pite, David Earle, Wen Wei Wang, Cori Caulfield, Amber Funk Barton, Sylvain Senez and Gioconda Barbuto to name a few. She choreographs for both amateur and professional dancers and loves the explorative process of creating with artists. Sarah has also had the pleasure of adjudicating dance festivals all over Western Canada, including 3 Provincial festivals in B.C.

As a teacher, Sarah’s passion lies in creating space and potential for each and every dancer to discover their own path to movement clarity, both in physical health and in technical individuality. Her methods involve an emphasis on anatomical knowledge, personal expression and love of self-discovery.

Sarah is highly respected for her extensive anatomical knowledge and creation of workshops that assist in maintaining dancer’s physical and mental health. She is also the creator of “Sarah’s Space”, a podcast that addresses a plethora of subjects from the arts world to social unrest and everything in between. Sarah’s deepest motivation is to help everyone that she works with find the best way they can dance forward in life.

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