Frequently asked questions

What are your COVID-19 policies?

Where should I park?

There are paid parking lots on either side of Granville Street, south of Nelson Street, and there is metered street parking after 6 pm. We are well served by transit as well.

When can I start?

Most of our classes are ongoing drop-in so you can start anytime you like. This means you drop-in to a beginner class if that’s your level, and when you feel you have improved to the extent that it is not challenging anymore, you move on to the next level. We also have progressive workshops for the complete beginner that run in 4 or 8 week sessions. If you can commit to a regular class at a specific time each week, we highly recommend these workshops.

How are the classes structured?

All of the classes start with some kind of warm-up exercises. For example, in ballet, you start at the barre. After the warm-up, you work on short combinations of steps and moves and finally, a choreographed combination that changes week to week.

What is the price of each class?

The cost of the classes can be found under Buy Classes, and the Workshops are priced individually on the Workshops page.

How many people are there in class?

It varies from week to week and class to class. Generally, the beginner classes are larger (as many as 18 people), particularly in classes like Hip Hop.

What age are your students/How old do I have to be?

Our students are mature teenagers 16+ and adults of all ages.

What if I want to take at least 10 classes a week and not be in a training program?

Learn about Reduced Rate Monthly or see the front desk for more information. *This rate is on hold due to Covid-19.

Do you have showers and lockers?

We don’t have showers. We do have lockers that we rent out on a monthly or annual basis at very reasonable rates. If you don’t have a locker, make sure you take your belongings with you into the studio. *Lockers are on hold due to Covid-19.

What can I wear to a Tap class?

Tap shoes are required even for the beginner. There are a few dance shops where you can purchase these: The Dance Shop on West Broadway & Spruce or Just Imagine Warehouse 28 West 7th Ave.

What can I wear to a Hip Hop class?

Shorts, t-shirt, sweats or baggy trousers/leggings. Be ready to sweat! And please bring clean running shoes (not in from the street).

What can I wear to a Jazz/Theatre Jazz/Contemporary class?

Leggings, shorts, sweat pants, etc. Nothing too baggy. Comfortable clothes to move in and jazz shoes, bare feet or socks (cotton socks work best) depending on which studio you are dancing in as some have a hardwood floor and others have a rubberised floor.

What can I wear to a Ballet class?

There is no strict dress code. You can wear a leotard and tights, but shorts, tank tops, leggings and t-shirts are also fine. As for shoes, soft soled ballet slippers (cotton socks can be worn if you don’t have Ballet Slippers). Your hair should be secured firmly back and out of your eyes for safety during turns.