Rianne Svelnis


Rianne is the granddaughter of Eastern European immigrants who now finds herself living as a guest on unceded Coast Salish Territory. She discovered contemporary dance in Ecuador, South America and is using it as a tool for challenging harmful cultural norms and expressing radical body politics. Rianne sees art as a primal language of expression, and a basic human right that we can reclaim as our own to help us tell our stories.

She is co-artistic director of Swamp Theatre, and a Registered Yoga Teacher, and a graduate of the Modus Operandi Contemporary Dance Program. Rianne has danced in works by Kelly McInnes, Layla Marcelle Mrozowski, Justine Chambers, Zahra Shahab, Hailey McCluskey, Anna Kraulis, Damian Criollo-Villacis & collaborated in artistic residency with Areli Moran (Mexico).

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