Moe Brody

Jazz / ITP

A co-owner of Harbour Dance Centre, Moe Brody has deep roots within the industry and is broadly recognized as a leading choreographer, teacher, and mentor. Her range includes multiple genres of dance, and she routinely choreographs for film and television, stage productions and industrials.

As the director responsible for ITP, Moe mentors, guides and instructs each dancer along their own unique path. She holds an initial meeting with each participant to design a personalized schedule that will assist the dancer to define and achieve his or her goals for the year ahead. These meetings continue throughout the program, providing an opportunity to evaluate the dancers' progress and modify the program to ensure they each remain on track toward their individual objectives. Moe’s weekly class at Harbour Dance Centre gives her insight into the dancers' development and allows her to provide timely and appropriate feedback. Throughout the year Moe taps her extensive network to organize specialized seminars and workshops with industry leaders, life skills experts, and prestige choreographers who create pieces designed to challenge the dancers and foster growth as they prepare for the next phase of their journey.

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