Joshua Fernandez

Adv. Choreography

Joshua Fernandez (he/him) is a versatile movement artist based in Vancouver, BC, renowned for his exceptional movement quality influenced by a diverse range of dance styles. With a foundation in Hip-hop, Popping, and Choreography, Joshua's approach is characterized by his adept use of grooves, waves, rolls, and other techniques, all guided by the essence of the music.

His passion for dance ignited during high school, where he initially studied Ballet and Contemporary at Pacific Dance Arts before expanding his repertoire to include Street styles under the tutelage of A3 District. Joshua proudly represents INFAMOUS, a distinguished crew based in Vancouver, and has showcased his talent at esteemed dance competitions such as World of Dance LA, Orlando, & Finals, Hit The Floor Montreal, and Monsters A List Convention in Seattle, among others. Notably, Joshua has graced the stage of Canada’s Got Talent as part of the A3 District Travel Team, Joshua has also resided in Los Angeles where he trained under esteemed Kolanie Marks for the first season of The Room and Board, further solidifying his reputation as a dynamic performer and devoted to honing his craft. He is committed to continual growth and mastery, Joshua invests in ongoing training to push the boundaries of his artistry.

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