Gio Andreotti

Hip Hop

Gio started her dance journey at the age of 15 here at Harbour Dance Centre! She quickly fell in love with hip hop music and dance through drop in classes which led her to pursuing her training further. After graduating high school, Gio joined Kill The Lights Co directed by Ken Yung and Shauna smith and Honey Dance Co directed by Mary Gavilan to expand on Elements of hip hop, commercial choreography, as well as heels and jazz technique. Gio then went on to train in companies such as OverRyde with Chris bonus, Trek of Arts with Jerome Espalana, Untitled with Prince Nii Engmann, and currently RuffRyderz with Roberta Bierman in order to continue expanding her knowledge of dance styles, choreography, freestyle, and hip hop culture.

Gio’s training background has led her to share her knowledge in countries such as Scotland and Brazil, teaching classes and workshops. Using her passion for music and dance, she aspires to help others find ways to showcase as much feeling and soul through music and movement.