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Quill Collective is a program founded by Carlo Atienza that focuses on the creative process and artist identity. With a combination of guest teachers, performance opportunities, and one-on-one mentorship, dancers within the program can expect to gain a better understanding of what it means to create meaningful and effective movement while also working on the quality of their own execution and performance.

Quill is divided into 3 types of members:

Cast - This type of member will learn and perform material created for the Quill Production.

Creative - On top of performing with the cast, creatives will be mentored in their creative process so that they may also contribute their own work in the Quill Production.

Collective - A select group of choreographers and dancers that will set choreography for the Quill Production as well as be involved with Quill bookings and projects outside of the program itself.

Quill is intended for the artists and movers that want to take their craft to the next level. In order to build longevity in our careers as choreographers and dancers, we need to understand what makes us unique in our art and how to effectively share that with the world. By providing in-depth lessons on creating, staging, leading and performing, members of Quill will not only succeed in doing this, but they will also find a new appreciation for all aspects of the art of dance

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Quill rehearsals will be at Harbour Dance Centre on Fridays 8-10:30pm and Sundays 4-6:00pm with the potential for additional/extended times for the Quill Production. Creatives will have additional meetings for mentorship that will be set up once the program begins.

InterQuill: Thursday & Sunday evenings

How to apply

  • Submissions for YVR Quill are due at midnight on August 31st, 2023.
  • In person callbacks September 3rd.
  • First rehearsals start September 8th.
  • Apply here

Carlo Atienza Presents | Bellyache

Carlo Atienza Presents | Fallin