Junior Summer Intensive 2020

  • Ages 10 - 16
  • Week 1: July 13-17
  • Week 2: July 20-24

ready, set, dance!

This year's Summer Dance Intensive, we offer the professional, emerging, and recreational dancer a wonderful opportunity to work with a superb and diverse collection of teachers. They look forward to sharing their technical knowledge and passion for dance with you!


faculty & styles

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  • Level1-Beginner/Intermediate

  • Suitable for those with some dance experience. Ability to pick up choreography and basic technique recommended. (Chaine, pique, piroutette, front, and back and side jetes)

    *Minimum 2 years of training

  • Level 2 Intermediate/Advance
  • Suitable for those able to pick up more intricate choreography as routines are taught quickly. At least an intermediate level of technique is required for technical classes as they will include advanced jumps and turns. (Fouette turns, a la seconde turns, axles, turning jetes, switch splits, and the ability to combine various jump and turns quickly)

    *Minimum 5 years of training

  • Open Level
  • Open level classes are designed to accommodate different levels within the class. Students must have a minimum of two years training.


  • 1 Hour classes: $89 (5 classes)
  • 1.25 Hour classes: $99 (5 classes)
  • 1.5 Hour classes: $109 (5 classes)

SAVE 10% by registering before May 31, 2020

Absolutely NO refunds unless accompanied by a doctor's note and will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee.

Sign Up - Single Course Purchase

  • Runs in two 1 week sessions (Monday to Friday).
  • Take up to 4 classes a day.
  • No audition necessary.
  • To Register Click on the"Register" button below the class and you will be re-directed to Mindbody Online to make an account, enroll and pay for your class.

Sign Up - Multiple Course Purchases

  • 1. Visit the HDC Mindbody Online Login here
  • 2. *If prompted to Find your MINDBODY site - type in Harbour Dance Centre, then select it.
  • 3. Log-In or Select Continue to site without logging in
  • 4. Select the Online Store tab
  • 5. Select either Junior Summer Intensive or Summer Intensive for Adults
  • 6. Select the series of class (1-hour, 1.25-hour, 1.5-hour)
  • 7. Select Yes to the class you would like to purchase
  • 8. Then click on the Continue Shopping link next to the Checkout button
  • 9. It will be added to your cart, and you can repeat the steps 4 - 8 again to add more classes.
  • Once all classes are added select Shopping Cart under the online store tab. Then select Checkout for login/payment.

Guest Teachers


Belinda Sobie

Turns & Jumps


Emily Noton


greer whillans.jpg

Greer Whillans

Contemporary Jazz

Faculty and Styles

craig new.jpg

Craig Hempsted

Turns & Jumps and Stretch & Flexibility


Keiran Bohay

Theatre Dance

kelvin tu.jpg

Kelvin Tu

Hip Hop


Lisa Metz

Contemporary Jazz and Tap


Richie Lubaton

Hip Hop


Suzanne Ouellette

Stretch & Strength