Yanis Marshall- Street Jazz & Heels

  • Saturday October 12, 3:30 & 5:30pm
  • $45 a class or $70 for both (no refunds)
  • Born in France to the director of a dance association, Marshall began racking up dance honors at age 15 and working as a professional at 16. While in New York at the tender age of 20 he was exposed to a much more in-your-face street-style jazz with hip-hop-influenced moves, all perfectly suited to his affection for the stagier stylings of Madonna, Prince and Beyoncé. These were the influences he brought back to Paris, where he’s now teaching, choreographing and performing.

    But the joyful appeal of his routines may lie in his mix of masculine — the dancers’ and the dances’ raw physicality — and feminine — the delicate gestures and yes, the high heels. And he’s far from alone in this field: High-heeled dance great Ryan Heffington just won a best choreographer award at the MTV Video Music Awards. So theatrical, experimental dance may be having a moment, and it goes far beyond any males-in-female-footwear frisson.