Mike Browne

Street Styles

Mike is a choreographer, performer and a battle technician in the hip hop styles of popping and animation. He began his training in these styles under Luke and Harman aka The Shadow Twins' instruction. Since then, Mike has been dancing with and taking private lessons from some of the world’s best and most influential poppers. Some of which are: Mr Wiggles, BopN Andre, J Rock, J Smooth, Kid Boogie and Popping John. His main focus is creating illusions through technique and body posture and then exploding for a dynamic effect. He is well versed in many styles of popping, animation and locking such as: Robot, Bopping, Scarecrow, Cobra, Toyman, and more.


-Winner of World Of Dance Vancouver 2014 (Popping Category)

-Winner at The Real 2014 (Battle Category)

-Top 4 at King's War 2014 in Los Angeles (Popping Category)

-Rep Award, performing at Represent Dance Comp 2014 with Reid Friedle (Duet Choreography)

-Adjudicator's Choice Award at Artist Emerge 2014 (Solo Choreography)

-Adjudicator's Choice at The Real 2014 (Solo Choreography)

-2nd at One Touch 2014 in Calgary (Popping Category)

-Top 16 out of over 100 at Bust a Move 2014 in Montreal (Popping category)

-Top 4 as battle guest at Nanaimo Battlezone 2014 (Popping Category)

-Judged and Showcased at Greek God and Goddess 2013 (At University of Alberta)

-Top 16 out of over 100 at Last One Stands 2013 (Popping Category)

-Top 4 at Battlezone Vancouver 2013 (All style Category)

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