Marc Generoso

Hip Hop

In a world that is constantly moving and changing, Movement has become Marc Generoso's way of life: if all things must move, the dancer’s role is to move everything around him with a sense of purpose and beauty. As a performer, Marc has not confined himself to any single genre. He has broadened his spectrum to include various styles such as hip hop, bboying, popping, locking, tutting, krumping, and freestyling (to name a few). It is this range of Movement, fused with his high level of energy that has captivated audiences across North America in diverse settings such as festivals, concerts and local venues. Marc believes it is vital to also move others around him. As a teacher, he guides his students in their evolution not only as dancers, but as individuals growing towards a greater sense of empowerment and freedom. Sharing this passion for dance, he motivates his students to transcend their own limitations as he has done for himself. This approach has solidified Marc as one of the most in demand instructors in the Greater Vancouver Area, in addition to having taught in numerous workshops across Canada. As a choreographer, Marc has shaken and shaped the boundaries of dance. Always staying true to his artistic integrity, he understands the currents of dance culture but is not limited by it. Marc's work blends unconventional elements and ventures toward new frontiers, while celebrating the roots of dance through a renewal of tradition. His artistic direction and choreography had been featured in prominent Vancouver street dance companies such as FlowETHICS, Over The Influence, and Sick Stylz Symphony. Marc continues to perform, teach, and (re)create the limits of Movement as dance progresses into the future. Whether it is evolving new styles within his own repertoire, or helping his students discover their own passion for dance, Marc continues to move himself and everything around him.