Isabella Tsisserev


I was born, raised and educated in former Soviet Union (city of Kharkov- Ukraine).

In 1970 I graduated with bachelor degree in music and education. I also received a degree in accompaniment.

Then I worked as a piano and theory teacher at the school for gifted children up until our family immigrated to Canada in 1978.

I lived in Winnipeg and was very lucky to work for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet as an accompanist for ballet classes at the school (professional division and the company)for 17 years.

Because of my family situation I moved to Vancouver in 1995.

Since then I worked for Ballet BC (for 1 year), Arts Umbrella (for 15 years), Main Dance, Harbour Dance ( for 25 years), SFU- School for Contemporary Arts-ballet (for 25years), Shadbolt centre (for 10 years), Costal City Ballet- company accompanist and school accompanist (for 25 years), Dance Co as a senior pianist (for 11 years). I played for many workshops and master classes of visiting and city schools and companies in Vancouver.

All this experience has given me the love for Ballet as an art form, for dancers as an inspiration for beauty, hard work and dedication to their wonderful profession! I am very lucky to be a part of every day’s work in ballet classes as an accompanist, and musically contribute to this great process.