Heather Dotto

contemporary / improv

Heather Dotto is a diverse performer trained in many forms of dance and theatre at Caulfield School of Dance. With a sharp focus for detail and an undeniable love of attention, Heather has been fortunate to turn her passion for performing into a career and lifestyle she adores. Following graduation, Heather immediately began dancing for Josh Beamish’s Move: the Company in 2005. For the following seven years she performed, toured and grew to be artistically involved in many new creations by Director, Josh Beamish. Within the company Heather also performed works by: Simone Orlando, Amber Funk-Barton, Susan Mensinger, and Danny Austin. After seeing stages all over the world (Shanghai, Singapore, New York, England, Brazil, Bangkok, Seattle, Los Angeles, Toronto, Nanaimo) Heather planted her feet back in Vancouver and has enjoyed working with many members of the dance community on new creations and remounts. A selection being: Vision Impure, mmHop, Coriograph Theatre, Heather Laura Gray, Caitlin Griffin, Lamondance. As of 2012 she has found a new home with the incredible talents of Joe Laughlin in his company Joe Ink. She began her journey into his charismatic work when she joined the cast of his Retrospective: 25 Years show. Heather spent the next three years with Joe, Kevin Tookey and Gioconda Barbuto making, performing and touring “4our”. While working with all of these celebrated choreographers, Heather’s teaching and choreographing career was nurtured at K&S Dance Productions since 2006. She is now the head of the contemporary program and has received many accolades at the local and provincial level. In 2009, Heather made her professional choreographic debut as one of the invited collaborators involved in the creation of MOVE: the company’s “The Cell”. Soon after, she premiered the solo “Gift” at Chop Shop in Seattle. Heather loves sharing her experience with the next generation of professionals, she teaches and makes new works for many of the training programs in Vancouver; The Source, Harbour Dance Centre’s ITP, and most recently, Lamondance. In 2017, Heather engaged in two new creations of her own, seeded by Small Stage. She feels this is only beginning of her career in dance and will continue to create and dream big for many years to come! Currently, she is working with Joe Ink on a new creation to premier in 2019.