Erica Trivett


Originally from Vancouver, Erica’s 20 year career in classical ballet

and contemporary dance took her to the United States, Canada, and

Europe. She won numerous awards in her career, including finalist in

the 1991 Prix de Lausanne Competition. She danced with Oregon Ballet

Theatre, the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, Gulbenkian Ballet and

was a freelance artist extensively in Europe.

Erica found her way to becoming a manual therapist through her

profession as a professional dancer. She completed training in the

Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education™ in Paris, France in 2006

while she continued to work as a free lance dancer and dance teacher.

Wishing to further her development in manual therapy Erica returned to

Vancouver and completed a 5-year (part-time) program, as well as a

quantitative thesis. Erica graduated in 2019 from the Canadian School

of Osteopathy Manual Practice (Vancouver) and won the Coup de Coeur

Thesis Award for her research study in olfactory dysfunction (altered

sense of smell).

Erica continues to teach ballet, contemporary dance and the

Feldenkrais® Method locally and internationally. Locally, Erica is on

faculty at Harbour Dance.

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