Norwegian Cruise Line Auditions - Dancers

June 21st Sign in-11:30am Starts-12pm

Male & Female Dancers

We are seeking exceptional, versatile dancers with strong technique and experience in multiple dance styles. Females (5’2” – 5’10”) should have a lean/fit silhouette. Males (5’9” – 6’4”) should have a strong, muscular physique; able to perform shirtless on stage when required. All dancers must have outstanding performance quality and stage presence. Gymnastics, aerial training, tumbling & partnering skills are a plus!

Please be prepared to learn multiple dance combinations and bring a current headshot and resume. Singer/Dancers prepare one vocal selection from the vocalist breakdown on our website as well as one vocal selection that showcases you best.

Must by 18 years or older to apply.


Norwegian Cruise Line Auditions - Female Vocalists

June 22nd Sign in-1:30pm Starts-2pm

Female Vocalists

Early 20’s-late 30’. Seeking powerhouse vocalists, who can sing in the styles of contemporary pop/rock and musical theater. Must have excellent performance skills and move extremely well. Ideal heights should be between 5’2” – 5’10” with a lean physique. Casting all ethnicities. Please pick two songs from the list below (female) and prepare one of your own, should we request it. Please have sheet music in the correct key and a current headshot and resume. Select vocalists will be asked to stay and dance. Please bring form fitting dance wear for the dance segment of the audition.

Click below for the audition requirements/preparation.

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