AE & HDC's ITP Auditions

We want to help you gain audition experience AND present you with dance opportunities to help you build your resume and reach your dance goals.

  • Harbour Dance Centre's ITP will be joining forces with the Artists Emerge convention in 2020! You’ll have the opportunity to be chosen to receive a $500 scholarship toward the ITP 2020/21 program.

    Dancers participating are also being considered for AE's exciting "Learn It, Perform It" experience where selected dancers learn a piece of choreography from one of AE's esteemed Headliners to be performed at Artists Emerge Finals that same week!

    To top it all off da Costa Talent will be on the panel sourcing new talent for their dance roster, you don’t want to miss this!

    *Consideration for the HDC Intensive Training Program will be for those graduating high school in June 2020*

    *Selected dancers for Learn It, Perform It will have a two hr rehearsal post audition to learn the piece for finals*

    *da Costa will be present at the Vancouver audition only*

  • Edmonton audition class:
  • Saturday March 21st, 6:15-7:45
  • Venue: Expo Centre
  • Vancouver audition class:
  • Wednesday April 1st, 6:15-7:45
  • Venue: The Anvil Centre

*Registration for convention including audition class will open in the new year. Link to the convention page of AE's website for information & payment: