Sexy Street Jazz


Sexy street jazz is such an awesome class. It’s a class where you get to let loose and have a lot of fun. You get to dance to popular or classic top 40 songs, which always makes the class just that much better. My favourite part about it is it’s a class where you get to dance feminine and- as the name states- sexy. Sexy street jazz is like hip hop, but you don’t have to worry about it being gangster and masculine if you aren’t comfortable with that style. There is always a promise for the dance to be feminine and the classes are a guaranteed good time. Sometimes people wear heels to class- if you are comfortable with this, you can too! Sometimes the combo you learn in class will be what’s called “tourography”. Tourography is dancing like you are a backup dancer for an artist on tour. It’s feel good and crazy fun. There are different levels of sexy street jazz offered at Harbour so make sure you take note of them before taking a class. Most teachers will teach slow and explain everything really well so the overall class isn’t too overwhelming. Sexy street jazz is one of my favourite classes and I highly suggest trying one out!



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