Basic Jazz Technique


Basic jazz technique is one of the most important parts of jazz and contemporary dancing. Jazz technique comes from the fundamentals of ballet and is adapted to more parallel positions for jazz. Core, shoulders, arms, supporting legs, proper posture- These are all rooted from ballet! For example, a jete in jazz is the same as a jete in ballet; we just to do it to groovier music. The preparation, the take off, the legs… they are all rooted from ballet technique. When the jazz teacher makes you do a jump, they will give you the "coles notes" version of the proper ballet technique associated with that jump. In advanced classes you would be expected to already know the technique behind the steps they are giving you in class, but in beginner classes you can expect to learn the ballet basics to the technical element. In class you get to drill the basic moves either in the center or across the floor working both your right and left sides. Basic moves being kicks, jumps, and turns. Taking this class helps you build, work on, and maintain your basic jazz technique moves and you can bring it along with you into any other class you choose to take. Sometimes the teacher will give you corrections to assist you in doing the moves correctly so that you can only get better and better! Working on those ballet fundamentals in jazz is really fun, especially if you aren’t a ballet music fan. Jazz is way more relaxed. The more you practice the more improvement you will see and this class is the perfect place to do just that- get down to the basics and work at them!



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