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I am no expert at tap. I have been dancing for 17 years and have never felt comfortable with tapping. Trust me; it isn’t the easiest for some of us to get the message from our brain to our feet. Still training in companies, from time to time I find myself in a position where I need to do my best and tackle a tap class. The beginner tap classes at Harbour have really helped me out in more ways than one. I was pretty nervous to take the class because I feel foolish when trying to tap and don’t want to be the odd one out or get frustrated with the fact that I can’t keep up with the teacher and rest of the class. I left the class pleasantly surprised and had really enjoyed myself.

You start the class out in the centre with a warm up. The teacher stands at the front and does steps and you follow along. You start with things such as tapping your feet and rolling your ankles just to get your feet warmed up. Then you begin some basic tap technique such as flaps, flap ball changes and shuffles. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s okay. I had no idea either! Once the warm up is done, you go across the floor. So many of tap steps travel or are in a sequence, so this just allows you more room to move. You do the basic technique steps you just learned in the centre and modify them so they can travel across the floor.

Sometimes they will combine the steps you just learned into a short combination to try out. Finally you learn some easy choreography. This is taught at a good pace and the teacher explains everything really well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand what to do because the teachers are more than happy to help. Usually they can not only see that you are lost, but they can hear you! haha! You run the routine several times which gives you the opportunity to master the steps and most of the time you don’t get split into groups which can be comforting for some people… I know it was for me!

Taking the class was super intimidating for me but once I actually got there it was a really relaxed and non-threatening environment to be in. You have the opportunity to move at your own pace with comfort and try and figure everything out. The best part about tap- you can practice anywhere! Waiting in line at Starbucks, at the photocopy machine, the bus stop….tap tap tap all the time!




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What is Harbour Dance Centre?


What is Harbour Dance Centre? I have been taking class at Harbour for the past 3 years, and it is literally my home away from home. Harbour is a dance studio in the heart of Vancouver.... it's right in the middle of the action on Granville street. There is an enourmous schedule of classes offering a wide range of styles for all levels of dance. And the best part of it all- they run all day every day... so no matter what your schedule is, you can probably make something work. There is a huge variety of people taking class- first timers, people there for some exercise, people there for fun, because they love it, because it's their profession. There is something for everyone. No one is ever too old or inexperienced. As soon as you walk in, you feel the friendly and welcoming environment- from the dancers to the teachers and staff, to the studio itself. You feel at home in no time. Speaking of the teachers, Harbour has an amazing faculty. The teachers are there for you.... they want you to do your best and take the absolute most you can from the class. Their aim is to inspire you, push your limits, and give you the best overall experience they can provide. I have fallen in love with Harbour and the people that come along with it. I highly reccomend this studio and encourage you to come sweat it out at Harbour Dance Centre.



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