Ballegro Player- A Pianist for Ballet in your Pocket!

We are excited to promote a fantastic invention/app from one of our top ballet class piano accompanists: Yawen!

Music for Ballet Class - Your Smart Pocket Pianist
Ballegro Player is the Smart Pocket Pianist for Dancers - an all-in-one dance music library/player app for dance teachers and dance enthusiasts of all genres and levels.

Ballegro Player features:
- A Living Expanding Music Library (songs are added monthly!)
- Built-in Music Player & Tempo Adjuster
- Smart Search (Smart Pianist)
- Playlist Builder




New Workshop: Progressing Ballet Technique with Nicola Earl November 5 for 6 weeks

Ballet on balls! Here is a new workshop class we are excited to have at HDC. It's called Progressing Ballet Technique. Nicola Earl is now fully certified to teach the Progressing Ballet Technique method.

Nicola describes it as a collaboration of Pilates and floor barre exercises done on an exercise ball which has been proven to be an excellent way to support ballet technique. The ball is an instant source of feedback to help any dancer at any level.

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.

It starts Saturday November 5 at 9:00-10:00am for 6 weeks until December 10. Register now for $99 until October 29, then after it will be $105.

Click here to see Progressing ballet Technique videos:



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