what to wear to ballet and jazz

I remember when I took my first ballet class at Harbour. Actually, this class was a lot of firsts- one of my first ever classes at Harbour, my first week of Harbours Intensive Training Program, and my first ballet class at the studio. I came from a small town studio where we HAD TO wear a leotard, tights, proper ballet slippers, and a perfect bun to ballet class. When I walked into the class at Harbour I was one of very few, if any, people wearing the full ballet ensemble. I was quite pleased to realize that most people were wearing more casual clothes! Not saying that wearing the full ballet outfit is wrong in any way, some people do and that is totally up to you! For ballet, I personally like to wear a leotard with spandex shorts on top, and then some basketball shorts on top of that. For both ballet and jazz you can wear: sweatpants to start, leggings, spandex shorts, looser shorts (such as basketball shorts), a leotard, baggy shirts, tight shirts, or crop tops (though I would not recommend for ballet). Shoes? Socks are the majorities’ choice! I would also recommend a sports bra because trust me, that push up bra doesn’t feel so comfortable when your jumping around in class for an hour and a half. When you look at every level of ballet class, you see so many different body types. So it’s no surprise to see that people are wearing tank tops or t-shirts, sweatpants or shorts. Ballet now is such a fitness trend that most beginners take it for exercise. They do not own, nor do they have to, go out and purchase leotards and tights. Just make sure that when you are picking your clothes for class, that you are capable of a full range of movement in them. If you would like to go with the classic leotard and tights then don’t be shy, but also don’t be afraid to wear what you feel most comfortable in!


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