Summer Boogie 2017 #NoDayJob

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4th Annual Summer Boogie this year is August 21-25. We are offering advanced Hip Hop classes at 1:30 & 2:45 Monday to Friday, for only $10 a class! Faculty this year: Shauna Smith (KTL), Roberta Bierman, Richie Lubaton, JP Tarlit, Jerome Esplana, Toni Shenfeld, Alo Galedo, Chris Bonus, CJ Damaso and Kenneth Kadatuan.


Ballegro Player- A Pianist for Ballet in your Pocket!

We are excited to promote a fantastic invention/app from one of our top ballet class piano accompanists: Yawen!

Music for Ballet Class - Your Smart Pocket Pianist
Ballegro Player is the Smart Pocket Pianist for Dancers - an all-in-one dance music library/player app for dance teachers and dance enthusiasts of all genres and levels.

Ballegro Player features:
- A Living Expanding Music Library (songs are added monthly!)
- Built-in Music Player & Tempo Adjuster
- Smart Search (Smart Pianist)
- Playlist Builder




Locking Workshop with Lady C

Lady C is back Sunday February 12. Last year her workshop sold out, so this year we are putting it in a bigger room and for 1.5 hour. You can pre-register online or in person for $20.

Known internationally as an 'All Styles' dancer, Caroline "Lady C" Fraser is recognized as one of the strongest females in the worldwide street dance community. Check out this cool little video bio of her here: 



The return of The Christmas Open House at Harbour Dance Centre

Saturday Dec 10 at 7:30PM we are having a Christmas Show: "Cracked Nuts" (a funny version of The Nutcracker) back at Harbour Dance Centre like in the old days!

It will feature training groups: Aviary, Endangered and Onyxx, as well as Belly Dancing by Hips Can Sway. And Tap guru Jim Hibbard as Drosselmayer!

Tickets are $10 cash at the door and the proceeds donated to the Food Bank. Stay afterwards and join us a for a drink and snack!

thumbnail_Christmas Open House-1

Yanis Marshall comes to Vancouver (& HDC!)

We were so pleased to have Yanis Marshall here on the weekend. As his Saturday classes Sold Out right away, we were lucky to have him book more on Sunday. Some students were so inspired by Saturday's classes, they came back Sunday to get on the wait list-drop-in for Sunday. The class was attended by many of our staff, training students, regulars and some out of towners. And although he was fashionably late both days, I don't think anyone left disappointed. lt was a great experience and we hope Yanis will be back in the new year. We are hoping to bring him as a guest teacher for July's Summer Intensive 2017!

Check out some video footage of Sunday's Heels class here on our YouTube channel.



Heather Cornell Advanced Tap classes

We are excited to have Heather Cornell here from New York teaching a few classes Sundays at 2:30 October 30, November 27 and December 11. She is responsible for training many young tap artists including Mike Minery, Max Pollak, Roxanne Butterfly, Parris Mann and Jeannie Hill, as well as cast members of Manhattan Tap, Stomp, Bring in da' Noise, Bring in da' Funk, Tap Dogs, Cool Heat Urban Beat, and Riverdance. She travels extensively, mentoring new tap communities, teaching, and performing. Ms. Cornell is the Artistic Director of Manhattan Tap, one of New York City's leading tap ensembles. She recently choreographed the Tony-nominated Broadway comedy The Play What I Wrote. Heather's mentors include the great "hoofers" Eddie Brown, Buster Brown, Cookie Cook, Steve Condos and Chuck Green, and she has worked extensively with top jazz musicians worldwide, including the Ray Brown trio.

Check her YouTube:

You can pre-register for the classes here:

*There will also be a 4 week workshop on Mondays at 6PM starting November 21-December 12 for $80


Jessica Lang Dance Contemporary Master class Thursday Oct 27 at 6:30

Dance House Jessica Lang Dance Workshop
DanceHouse present Jessica Lang Dance from New York at the Vancouver Playhouse Oct 28 & 29. Jessica Lang Dance company members Laura Mead and Milan Misko will be teaching a repertory class in which students will have the opportunity to be guided through a warm-up and to learn movement phrases featured in JLD's upcoming performances. Only 25 spots are available for this Contemporary class. Register online to reserve your spot:


New Workshop: Progressing Ballet Technique with Nicola Earl November 5 for 6 weeks

Ballet on balls! Here is a new workshop class we are excited to have at HDC. It's called Progressing Ballet Technique. Nicola Earl is now fully certified to teach the Progressing Ballet Technique method.

Nicola describes it as a collaboration of Pilates and floor barre exercises done on an exercise ball which has been proven to be an excellent way to support ballet technique. The ball is an instant source of feedback to help any dancer at any level.

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.

It starts Saturday November 5 at 9:00-10:00am for 6 weeks until December 10. Register now for $99 until October 29, then after it will be $105.

Click here to see Progressing ballet Technique videos:


Not a dancer but love dance!

First things first, I'm the realest.

Just kidding! But first things first, I am NOT a dancer. Sure, I definitely drop it low when I’m in the club, but I am by no means a “dancer”. All that said, I am completely enthralled with the dance world and the unrealistic idea in my head of me being a dancer. I don’t know why, but I have always taken an interest in dance. I see the dance world as this bizarre, wonderful mesh between a business and a passion that is different from the music, acting, and art worlds. There is such a unique tie between the commercialization and artistry of dance that I feel has been both uplifting and tormenting to the dance world in recent years, mainly because of the rise of TV shows and internet sensations centered on dance.

I got really “into” dance as a third party, outside observer when I was kid, when boy bands were the all the rage and Gameboys were today’s iPhone equivalent. I attribute a great deal of my interest in dance to my childhood nanny, Rhea, who instilled in me a great appreciation for any and all creative arts - everything from finger-painting to sculpture to film to dance. Rhea, my sister, and I would spend hours listening to Spice Girls and dance through the day, which was completely normal to me then in my childhood home and now in my NYC apartment. That’s when why interest in dance sparked.

As I have gone through life, my interest in dance has grown with me. Having some gained some friends and family in the dance world along the way, I have always been semi-exposed to dance and feel that I have some sort of background and understanding of spotting good choreography and strong dancers. Does that give me any ammo to be a critic of dance? No. But whenever I watch a music video or see a concert, the first thing I look at is the choreography: what are the dancers doing, are they queued in time with the music, how are the dancers working or not working together? This part of my brain immediately goes into critic mode and I start analyzing everything! It is such an odd action because I am certainly not one to judge a dancer, but I can’t seem to help myself. Also, I love hearing about what my dancer friends and family are working on, who’s classes they are taking, what videos I need to check out, and I feel that they somehow clue me into the dance world and makes me feel part of it. That’s the thing - the dance world is so welcoming and open to everyone, even those like me who are not part of it every day as both my passion and career. Have you ever had something in your life that you loved, but never physically did? Its like when I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with the idea cooking and crafting stuff, aka Martha Stewart was my godsend (also, how did I not know I was gay back then?), yet today the thought of baking or grilling scares me and until about two months ago I would stick a fork in the toaster to pull out my morning bagel… #idiot. But you know what I mean. I have this love for dance that sits and stirs in me everyday even though I never practice is on a serious level. I honor it through solo S Club 7 and Jay Z dance parties in my apartment or through watching videos online, but I know it will never be the same as being a dancer.

I have been lucky enough to meet some extremely talented dancers and am always amazed at how passionate they are about their craft. Dancers always seem to be in a very positive frame of mind, but have the gift to portray their true, and sometimes dark, emotions and thoughts through their choreography. The notion of expressing our minds through movement instead of words makes me innately happy. Somehow, the dance world always seems to instill my hope in society that we aren’t all twenty-first century social media and reality TV monsters.

That said, I think the life of a dancer is extremely tough. It is about proving talent and worth on another level that people who work in a cubicle Monday through Friday, nine to five don’t have to show. Everyday, you have to wake up and prove yourself at audition or go work your side job to support your dance – which is something that is completely wonderful to me. Dancers let their passion guide them daily, which is something that I think the rest of us folks can learn from. How can we as a society find more passion in our daily lives to propel us further as human beings – emotionally and intellectually?

For me, I dance like a shmuck around my apartment and take a basic ballet class here or there. Sure, I will never be going to Julliard or in a Janet video (um.. where is she? #FreeJanet), but I love dance very much and know it will be part of my life and me as a person for the rest of my life.

If you are reading this and you are a dancer, thank you for being role models for those of us who aren’t and entertaining us everyday through various medias. Most importantly, thank you for proving to the rest of us that you can follow your passion in life and that you don’t have to take the dull road. I have learned from my dancer friends that their life is certainly not easy, but I see how fulfilled they are emotionally when they nail that audition, get that job, or set that piece; there is nothing more wonderful. For those of you reading this who aren’t dancers. I hope you honor your interests, whatever they may be, to the best of your abilities like the dancers of the world do.

Until next time….


You know you are a dancer when...

  1. You always make getting out of bed a big deal by sliding off the mattress all contemp style (after all the bones in your body crack, of course).
  2. You are injured and pay a visit to the doctor who tells you to stay off dancing for 6 weeks, but we all know that's not happening.
  3. You're walking down the street and spontaneously kick your leg behind you to get that hip to crack.
  4. It's the one day you're not wearing sweats and everyone looks at you like you're Neville Longbottom post-puberty #damn.
  5. Your eyeliner is on point(e) and so are you #flawless.



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