AUDITIONS at Harbour Dance Centre


Weekend warriors Audition-2
Weekend Warriors - They’re heroes of the modern world. The busy bees who works hard all week and still find time to play hard on those precious Saturdays and Sundays. These extra curricular activities help to make up for the last week and to help rejuvinate for the next.  

You have been taking classes recreationlly for a bit of time.   You have seen posters and advertisements for pro and semi-pro companies but they seem to come with a little too much responsibility.  However, you would like to do some training at a higher level and with like minded people.  You wanna handle those higher level classes at harbour with a little more grace, added style or finally just....keep up with the class.  Maybe you've been thinking, I have wanted to learn more than just four to ten eight counts of choreography.  Moreover, it would be really cool to learn a whole dance number with formations and such.  Maybe you have also wanted to learn how to freestyle a bit and not commit to taking it on as a full time new hobby.  Well, you just might be a weekend warrior?  Come find out.



KTLco Auditions Social-2



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