Ralph Escamillan

Ralph Escamllan started break dancing at Harbour Dance Centre at the age of 14. He later expanded his learning taking other genres such as ballet, contemporary, modern, waacking, house, locking and popping. He trained with Freshgroove productions learning hiphop fundamentals inside and outside the company. He has also been a fortunate to be a part of other companies such as Sick Stylz and 247Comapny and crews Kill The Lights and House of Ladouche. He is now training in a Contemporary Program Modus Operandi, and has recently worked with dance company Kinesis Dance Somatheatro(box4) and Toronto collective Gadfly. As a street dancer his disciplines for the past 2 years have pertained to Waacking and Vogue. Recently Ralph was a top 5 Finalist for experimental at Just Début and 2nd place in waacking at Montréal’s Bust-A-Move.
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Ralph Escamillan is currently not instructing any classes.


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