Nesrine Adham

Nesrine is a dancer, choreographer and instructor with over 36 years of experience.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt she was the prima dancer as a young girl at The School of Contemporary Dance Of Kuwait. Following that she moved to Montreal, Canada where she received 8 years of training in jazz-ballet. Beckoned by her roots, she travelled back to Egypt where she joined The Karim Tounsi Dance Company, as well as performing and co-choreographing for the Cairo Opera House for an additional 7 years.

In the last 26 years however, Nesrine has been further sharing her passion by teaching jazz-ballet and a variety of styles of dance and fitness in several cities.

Since 1999, she has developed a keen interest in Egyptian belly dancing, folklore and veil work, and has created and teaches her own unique style called Oriental Jazz Fusion by combining jazz and the sexy hip sways, pops and shimmies from belly dancing, forming a fresh and fluid exotic sexy style.

At Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver, where she currently resides, Nesrine's classes are always full of eager students of all ages. Her dance troupe, Hips Can Sway are in constant demand to perform at functions and large events throughout the city.

Nesrine is also an accomplished artist and designer, whose inspirations are always drawn from her extensive dance experience.

Nesrine Adham is currently not instructing any classes.


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