Flexi-Belly Workshop Sept 17-Oct 29

This class is taught by:

Lava Lava

Lava is a Dance and Music Artist, Choreographer, and Instructor with over 30 years experience in the dance world. Lava has been fully committed to Belly Dance, and yoga, since 1999, and has journeyed through various stylings over the years, building her own unique style. Lava started in Egyptian Cabaret, as a solo artist and instructor, discovered ATS (American Tribal Style) in 2000, and began to study on her own and travelling to learn, since there was no tribal style belly dance in BC.
Having had many years of study with various styles of dance since she was a child (jazz, modern, tap, ballet, hip hop, Bharatanatyam and Odissi Classical Indian dance, and Can Can, to name a few), Lava then began developing her tribal fusion dance troupe "Sisters of Alchemy" in 2004. SOA started out as 3 members and over the next 6 years, grew to 12 members. Lava and SOA travelled to various shows and festivals, throughout Canada and the US, to perform, while Lava also taught many workshops throughout North America. Also with the growing popularity of SOA, in 2006, Lava created her own dance evenings that incorporated performances and total audience dance participation with ATS throughout the evenings called "the Sisters of Alchemy's Tribal Soirees". These were a huge hit and launched many of the tribal and fusion belly dance groups that having been performing throughout the Vancouver aerator the past 10+ years.
Lava also created her own ITS (Improvised Tribal Style) format that was a Belly Dance/Can Can and Vaudevillian styled dance, called "Sideshow Improv", that SOA performed and Lava taught throughout Canada and the US. The costuming that Lava designed for this, then led to her skirt line named "the Sideshow Frock 'n Roll Collection".
Lava continued to expand her styling repertoire with Bellydance fusions such as Belly Dance/Odissi Classical Indian, Belly Dance/Hip Hop, Belly Dance/Turkish Gypsy Rom, and more with Contemporary and modern jazz stylings woven in.
Lava's latest fusion styling she's developed is Yoga and Belly Dance movement, which she calls "Flexi-Belly - Flexibility for Belly Dance". Not only does this create some powerful stylized movements, it also serves as a fabulous body conditioning practice, that greatly improves the student's dance technique, health and well-being, and the newest addition to this Class Series is "Lava Flows" - Lava's specifically designed yoga flows with her unique belly dance style built into it. Her "Flexi-Belly" Classes are meant for any dancer to train in great body conditioning specifically for Belly Dance.
In addition to Lava's varied dance practice, she also created new troupes such as "State of Grace", and her newest group "Electro-Belly". She has also produced 3 cd's of electronic dance and world dance music, with more to come.
Lava's classes include dancers of all ages, shapes and sizes, where she encourages all students to embrace their own uniqueness and build a healthy self image to live from.
with Lava
Sundays at 11:00
September 17-October 29 (no class Oct 8)
6 weeks for $96

"Flexi-Belly - flexibility for Belly Dance" - this class is a Bellydance and Yoga Fusion class that not only introduces you to proper healthy movement through the spine for your torso shapes and movements, body waves, and all levels and degrees of backbends, but will teach you a variety of body conditioning sequences that relate to accomplishing your maximum Belly Dance range of motion and much more clearly defined technique with greater flexibility throughout the whole body and mind. this class is a dance and yoga class, as well as a lesson in developing body awareness. Each class begins with yoga postures that develop into bellydance movements and into a gorgeous, luxurious, graceful combination for practical application. this class is great for all Belly Dance students of any style, since it will help you learn much more about your body's workings in dance and in life. *Please bring a yoga mat.

Upcoming classes:

  • Sun Oct 29 11:00 am - 12:00 pm with Lava Lava


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