Hip Hop 2/3

This class is taught by:

Joe Tuliao

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Joe Tuliao has established himself as an innovative and emerging talent in Vancouver’s dance scene. Joe started training in dance at the age 8. He has excelled in a variety of styles including contemporary, tango, street jazz & hip hop.

Joe has been featured in music videos (Tristan Thompson) & live performances such as WEday Vancouver 2015. Recently he had the opportunity to dance behind the legendary Janet Jackson in her first concert “Unbreakable” in Vancouver.Joe had the privilege to work with choreographers from LA such as José Hollywood, who currently choreographs for Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé. Joe is also a member of ‘The Faculty’ an all male crew composed of Vancouver’s top male choreographers/dancers. Joe recently started a dance training program, “Illustrative Society”,that focus on enhancing their craft in the dance industry. Currently, he mainly teaches out of the prestigious Harbour Dance Centre & Studio604 in Vancouver.

Carlo Atienza

Carlo was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta where he took his first dance class at the late age of 19. He quickly pushed his career forward by moving to Vancouver in 2010 where he founded "The Faculty" who won 8 consecutive titles at Artists Emerge and World of Dance Vancouver and Seattle. The Faculty was also the first Canadian team to be invited to the prestigious Body Rock Competition in San Diego where they placed 3rd in 2013 and 2nd in 2014 among the best in the world. Carlo is now one of the directors of TwoFourSeven Company who are 4 time back to back Canadian Hip Hop Champions.
When he isn't working with his companies, Carlo teaches at Harbour Dance Centre where his sold out classes offer a variety of styles that take inspiration from dance hall, vogueing/waacking, house, hiphop and even contemporary and lyrical. Carlo is a strong advocate for musicality and textures which is something he pushes to demonstrate within his choreography. You can now find him travelling the world teaching and pursuing his passion in dance as he is currently one of the most in demand choreographers in the Canadian dance scene.

Roberta Bierman

Roberta Bierman is a passionate performer known for innovative choreography, great musicality and an energetic teaching style. Dancing since the age of five, Roberta has studied many styles but once she was introduced to hip hop, it captured her heart and became her main focus. She continues to expand her knowledge of street dance through forms such as popping, locking and house as well as stepping and body percussion. Her hip hop crews and choreography are continually recognized at competitions and festivals throughout BC. Roberta is also the co-founder of the elite street dance crew Tru Movement. Roberta's choreography was featured in the music video "Teachers Pet" by the group "Death to Sexy". She was chosen as a partner and instructor for Victoria's local "Dancing with the Stars" competition, "Stars on Stage". Roberta has trained extensively throughout the US including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Texas. While training in Los Angeles she has the opportunity to dance in the Silly Walks for Hunger Charity event choreographed by Rich and Tone Talauega. Most recently, Roberta was invited to perform in Montreal at Danse Encore Festival with Tri-Tone Productions based in Austin, Texas. Currently residing in Vancouver, Roberta can be found rehearsing with the well respected TwoFourSeven Company.

JP Tarlit

JP (John Paul) Tarlit is quickly rising to the top as a dancer & choreographer in the Vancouver dance scene. In his career, he has won numerous competitions with his team The Faculty, including World of Dance Vancouver and Artist Emerge in 2011,2012 and 2013, also placing 3rd at the 2013 Body Rody competition in San Diego. JP has taught internationally including in Croatia, Germany and Switerzland and currently teaches drop in classes at both Harbour Dance Centre and Studio604 in his hometown of Vancouver. Always eager to share his passion with the world, JP continues to share with others his love for dance.

Toni Shenfield

Toni started dancing in the small town of Stony Plain, Alberta. Becoming more serious and passionate about her future in dance, Toni moved into the City of Edmonton where she continued her technical training at Shelley’s Dance Company, under the watchful eye of Shelley Tookey. As well
Toni continued to grow and excel with Hip Hop and Street Styles at Edmonton’s Kore Dance Studio, training with Alexander Chung. In 2011 she began teaching at the Kore Dance Studio. At that time and for the following 8 years, Toni was a Director of Edmonton’s renowned NXG Company alongside Alexander Chung and Josh Capulong. NXG Company travelled all over Canada and the US competing at several national and international competitions with great success. A few included “World of Dance” (WOD) with several 1st place wins. “Hip Hop International” (HHI) ranking top 10 in the world and “Carnival” in Los Angeles.

While being very busy with NXG Company, Toni made time for her own personal growth as a dancer. She has travelled to Los Angeles and New York numerous times over the years to train with some of the world’s best teachers and choreographers. Toni was 3 months in LA working with Dana Foglia and her talented company. As well she worked closely with Gigi Torres on numerous projects and the “Academy of Villians” (AOV). Taking class is one of Toni’s favourite things to do. She loves working hard to better herself as a dancer every time she steps into a studio. Most recent accomplishment – 1st place at Body Rock “Homecoming” San Diego 2017 with Two Four Seven Company based in Vancouver. She has showcased her own choreography at “The Main Event” in Vancouver. Toni choreographed and was featured in a music video for an upcoming Canadian artist – KNYTE – “Cut Me Open”. She also danced for LA based artist John Dough in his music video “Somebody to Love”.

Toni loves to share, teach and help young dancers grow as well. She has shared her knowledge with many studios and continues to teach and inspire the youth to chase their dreams. Her specialties and where she excels is through Hip Hop/Street and Contemporary styles. She has even experimented with the growing popular “Heels” trend.

Currently Toni lives in Vancouver, BC and is making a name for herself. She is very proud to be partnered with Premiere Talent Management, has a permanent teaching slot at Harbour Dance Centre and is dancing with the well-respected and extremely talented Two Four Seven Company. This is only the beginning for Toni. She still has so many goals and dreams she is working towards accomplishing and will never stop reaching for them.

Alo Galedo

Member of The Faculty Dance Crew/Brotherhood.

Kenneth Kadatuan

Choreographer for both Epiphany & Oblivious, as well as a drop-in teacher for Studio 604, Kenneth is notably known best for his groovy choreo. Kenneth is also trained in popping and house.

Influenced by hip hop music and culture, this class introduces the foundations of hip hop movement and popular dance steps. Hip hop encompasses styles including locking, popping, house, grooving and more. Styles of hip hop taught in this class are similar to performances of dancers in you might see in music videos or on tour. (Please bring clean runners to class, no street shoes).


Level 2/3: Advanced

Upcoming classes:

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  • Mon Aug 21 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm with Roberta Bierman
  • Tue Aug 22 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm with JP Tarlit
  • Wed Aug 23 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm with Toni Shenfield
  • Thu Aug 24 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm with Alo Galedo
  • Thu Aug 24 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm with Chris Bonus
  • Fri Aug 25 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm with Kenneth Kadatuan
  • Fri Aug 25 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm with Carlo Atienza
  • Thu Aug 31 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm with Joe Tuliao
  • Fri Sep 01 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm with Carlo Atienza
  • Thu Sep 07 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm with Joe Tuliao
  • Fri Sep 08 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm with Carlo Atienza
  • Thu Sep 14 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm with Joe Tuliao


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